Reach Nations

Develop and train children and young people with an education of excellence rooted in a biblical worldview so that they can influence the world around them.

To be a reference in bilingual and ecological Christian education that contributes to biopsychosocial and spiritual development. Empowering students so that they can exercise citizenship with a biblical worldview.

Holistic Education: We believe that education should guarantee the development of students in all its dimensions – intellectual, physical, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual.

Social & Environmental Responsibility: As stewards of God’s creation, we understand that we are responsible for the environment, and it is our duty to teach in a practical way how to guarantee that the environment will be cultivated and preserved.

Social responsibility: We understand that in our academic teaching we will inspire our students to work as a team and serve their classmates, family, community, and country, propelling them towards a globally engaged citizenship well into adulthood.

Family cooperation: We believe in and encourage parents to be active participants in their child’s education. Collaborating so that they are the main drivers in the biopsychosocial and spiritual formation through the education of their child.

Dedication and Excellence: Each activity that will be carried out must be done with full diligence and zeal as well as in the best possible way.

Biblical Values ​​and Principles: Our Christian values ​​and principles will guide all areas of our institution, from day-to-day activities to hiring decisions.