45596984_555488428235997_6250732146596511744_n.pngSTEVE BURKHALTER

Steve Burkhalter is missionary and director of Nations2Nations Latin America, an international ministry of Youth with a Mission that mobilizes Latinos to Restore the Identity, Dignity, and Destiny of Individuals, Communities, and Nations. He is a teacher, international speaker, and YWAM missionary for 17 years and has ministered in more than 20 countries. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering (Auburn University-USA), a former entrepreneur and former technical salesman at York International Corporation. Steven was ordained to the ministry in 2002. He and his wife, Angela, live in Fortaleza for 15 years and have 6 children, 2 Brazilian daughters-in-law, a Mexican son-in-law.

In his meetings, Steve has witnessed breaking paradigms in the minds and hearts of many. In his meetings, it is common to see people witnessing to have clearly heard the voice of God, have found their purpose and willingness to take an active steps in the kingdom of God.

45636882_1871742322942441_8892234684012953600_n.pngADAM LIVECCHI

Pr. Adam LiVecchi is the founder of We See Jesus Ministries and Pastor of Rescue Church in New Jersey.  Pr.Adam has written 3 books on the prophetic ministry (Sitting at His Feet, Listen. Learn. Obey and Rediscovering the Prophetic) and have taught about these topics continually.

In his travels and meetings, he has witnessed the power of the Father reaching thousands of lives and bringing transformation to the minds and hearts of many.  In his meetings, it is common to see miracles, healing, signs, and wonders.



Murilo Maciel is the co-founder of the Reach Nations. He began his ministry as a YWAM missionary in 2007. After serving in the mission field in Brazil, he spent 7 years serving as a pioneering missionary in Northern Europe, pioneering the YWAM missionary base in Estonia and leading Radical Obedience movement by developing missionary projects in Brazil, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Cuba, and Russia.

He has traveled to Brazil and over forty nations preaching the love of Jesus, mobilizing young people for missions and helping them to discover God’s call to their lives.